A importância da limitação da responsabilidade de sócios e da delimitação da responsabilidade de administradores para as relações econômicas no ordenamento brasileiro.




This work has investigated the genesis of the limitation of partners liability and tried to set forth the importance of such limitation by means of a harmony amongst the constitutional principles of protection to civil rights and protection to free enterprise principle either from which the principle of companys preservation arises out. Likewise this work aimed to set forth the importance of the delimitation of directors and officers liability (with no equities in the companies managed by them) in both legislative and judicial venues. In this context the work tried to evidence beyond the losses the lack of necessity of the disregard doctrine in the light of the legal remedies already existent in Brazilian legal system that can be applied in fraud simulation and performance of ultra vires acts. This work defends the feasibility to reach companys preservation obeying due process of law principle and at the same time the credits payment or losses indemnification promoted by the legal entitys abusive use by the officer or by the partner providing strength to legal safety and predictability of judicial decisions institutes. A reduction to the judicial activism verified in prejudice of some procedural rights with constitutional status such as wide defense and contradictory. Besides all such questions this work tried to evidence the necessity of a dialogue between Law through judges and Economics as of understanding that judges performance reflects in economical development and thus social development. In such aspect it is believed that Psychoanalysis can cooperate with the notion of one the three instances of the psychic set: the superego by understanding Judicial Power as societys superego.


desconsideração da personalidade jurídica overall competitive inefficiencies brzilian rate brasil brasil brazil limitação da responsabilidade de sócios superego responsabilidade direta de administradores direito comercial ponderação de princípios directors liability principles balance techniques risco entrepreneurial law comercial law disregard of legal entity doctrine direito risk custo judicial power performance superego atuação do poder judiciário direito empresarial

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