PrÃtica avaliativas no ensino da matemÃtica em instituiÃÃes particulares de ensino superior no Distrito Federal e na regiÃo do entorno




The aim of this study is to identify assessment practices in mathematics teaching and the conceptions held by students and professors regarding these practices. The choice of the topic is justified by the great proliferation of private institutions of higher learning in the Brazilian Federal District and the consequent threat to the maintenance of acceptable standards of teaching in this discipline, in which students are known to have difficulties derived from elementary and secondary schooling. The data were gathered using a questionnaire administered to 450 students and 30 math professors in three non-university institutions of higher learning in the Federal District and surrounding areas. The following topics were examined: affirmations of students and professors regarding methods used in the practice of assessment of student learning of mathematics, conceptions of mathematics professors about their own assessment practices, students conceptions and opinions regarding the prevailing assessment practices in mathematics, and professors degree of satisfaction with their teaching activities. The data analysis suggests that assessment practice in mathematics reflects conservative patterns: the most widely utilized instrument is the âdissertation testâ (questions and answers, problem solving and writing), which presents immediate and easily quantifiable results. Assessment is used basically for passing or failing, not for diagnosis, formative evaluation and aggregation. Concern to establish relationships between the topics studied and real life situations is practically absent. To improve this situation, it is suggested that professors take advantage of the different instruments of assessment in existence, including the essay test, adapting them or creating new instruments.


professores mathematics teaching professors ensino da matemÃtica e prÃticas avaliativas higher education ensino-aprendizagem ensino superior student assessment practices

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