Modelo de gestÃo do conhecimento para instituiÃÃes de ensino superior




Knowledge is important in the new economic scenery as one of the most valuable intangible resources to organizations, generating the need to use Knowledge Management as a strategic approach, thus becoming an imperative condition to obtain competitive advantage. To be competitive, the Tertiary Education Institutions (TEI) ought to become more flexible, modern, updated, with the ability to deal with knowledge as an essential competence to develop their teaching, research and extension activities, providing society with science and technology. In this context, this thesis was developed to create a model of Knowledge Management to the TEI. There are few models found with that aim in the bibliography, and no institutions were found to have such purpose in Pernambuco. The bibliographic research has raised concepts, models, instruments and principles regarding Knowledge Management, as well as issues related to the theme, such as turbulences in the external environment, the necessary organizational changes in order to adapt to the market, innovation in various aspects, concepts, classifications and the value of knowledge to the present society, the learning and creation of competences and strategy as essential factors to increase organizational competitivity. The field survey was made in TEI in Recife, with directors, employees, professors and students, aiming at proving the need for the proposed model. The model of Knowledge Management to TEI proposed here is based on Nonaka &Takeuchiâs model of creation of Knowledge Management (1997) and on Beckman &Liebowitzâs model of Knowledge Management (1998). Due to the lack of similar models in use in the state, it can contribute to structuring the TEI with a new organizational pattern


tertiary education imstituitions engenharia de producao instituiÃÃes de ensino superior gestÃo do conhecimento modelo de gestÃo do conhecimento model of knowledge management knowledge management

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