Apuração de haveres: critérios para a sociedade empresária do tipo limitada




This dissertation aims to identify the criteria to be used by the law operators concerning the assets evaluation process as consequence of partial dissolution in limited liability companies. Therefore, starting from the study of partial and total dissolution in limited liability companies and seeking to differentiate the legal consequences of each occurrence, it lead to the conclusion that the partial dissolution as well as the assets evaluation process are institutes inherent to the Law, and as such, they should not be confused with the total dissolution and its related liquidation. As from this premise, the treatment that assets evaluation process has been receiving from the national doctrine and the jurisprudence was analyzed. In view of the historical development related to this subject, as the idea of partial dissolution and its consequent assets evaluation process came from the comprehension and consequences of total dissolution itself and liquidation, it was necessary to review main legal concepts such as quotaholders rights and nature of their contribution to the capital stock, with the purpose of identifying the elements that shall constitute the credit which the quotaholder will possess against the company, as well as the criteria to evaluate them. In view of the importance of the partial dissolution to the current reality of the Brazilian corporate law, as it is the main tool to materialize the principle of preservation of company, the purpose of this dissertation was to enable the assets evaluation process to be more objective, as this is its main result


inventarios de bens -- brasil dissolution resolution haveres dissolução sociedades comerciais -- leis e legislacao -- brasil assets resolução liquidacao (direito comercial) -- brasil direito comercial

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