Synthetic actors in serious games: an Organizational Psychology based approach / Atores sintéticos em jogos sérios: uma abordagem baseada em Psicologia Organizacional




Modeling Synthetic actors (SA) is currently one of the research areas within Artificial Intelligence. These actors are a specific kind of intelligent agents are able to perceive the environment and act on it on the basis of their reasoning capabilities and their personality (which dictates a particular way of interacting with the environment surrounding them). These agents are called Synthetic Actors because they have their own identity, and try to emotionally affect the users. As such, they are essential in computational environments which aim at entertaining users. Despite their importance, these synthetic actors have been used mostly for educational purposes, assisting students in the learning process. However, another type of application that would greatly benefit from synthetic actors are serious games, which combine entertainment and learning characteristics. Serious games (SG) based on business simulations are highly interactive, and the realism of their characters, regarding behavior cohesion and coherence, is essential to the success of these SG since the main goal of this kind of game, besides entertainment, is learning about operational and behavioral skills. The use of SA in serious games will provide a richer experience for the player, by reflecting a better level of realism and skills. The work proposed here is an extension of the masters work realized at CIn-UFPE by myself and has the goal of evaluating the applicability of SA as SG characters. The research proposes and develops a SA model based in Psychological Theories of Personality applied in entrepreneurial and organizational environments too. The serious game called Virtual Team was then developed as an experimental laboratory for testing our proposals. This game has the goal of training Software Project Managers in people management processes. The preliminary experiments carried out have yielded interesting and promising results. The AS as SG characters have demonstrated a major realism and consistent behavior, as well as improving ability to simulate the work team dynamics providing the player an opportunity to reflect about team work.


inteligência artificial organizational psychology virtual worlds ciencia da computacao serious games soft skill artificial personality synthetic actors jogos de computado

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