STRATEGY AND QUALITY IN SERVICES: A study of case on the vision of managers and customers in the educational management / ESTRATÉGIA E QUALIDADE EM SERVIÇOS: Um estudo de caso sobre a visão de gestores e clientes na gestão educacional




The changes that bring the new global scenario have led the managers to worry about factors such as competition, and risk instability. This situation again that businesses with education, schools, revessem the management system used, which meant that managers would not be only "educators" to become increasingly administrators of a complex structure, offering a service in nature intangible. Customers have become increasingly demanding in relation to services provided by these private institutions and thus caused changes that also happen to date in relation to the structure, offer expanded services, care, among other issues pertinent to the sector. In this context, this study aims at, analyze the alignment between the strategies implemented by school administrators and quality of services under the vision of customers, investigating the main strategies adopted by educational leaders and examining how the client evaluates the quality of services in school . The research was divided into three stages: study-managers, customer-study and comparison between the two studies. The work has shown the existence of relations between the thoughts and execution of strategies by managers in line with the fact that customers are getting what they want and that the company offers, identifying the degree of alignment between the visions. In the analysis one can understand and know how customers assess the institution and how the managers feel that such customers think. Helped the company find out how to satisfy their customers, encouraging the use of a tool in attempting to measure the perceived and desired level of quality. For the academic world, the study brought to light the comparison of what is planned with what the end user receives. This is a comparison of strategies and quality of services is still low in studies in management, especially in education. The results have been achieved since the study showed there as the relationship between the strategies are formulated and put into practice with the evaluation of services by customers, but so slow and statistics, though subjective, estimated that more empirical.


educational management. strategy in services. assessment of quality of services. administracao gestão educacional. estratégia em serviços. avaliação da qualidade de serviços.

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