Formação permanente de educadores na perspectiva freireana: um olhar sobre a experiência de Diadema - SP / Permanent formation of educators in the perspective freireana: the experience of Diadema - SP




This qualitative research has the objective of studying the policy and practice of teachers training in the Municipality of Diadema - SP. One integrates the more extensive research that expands in Cathedra Paulo Freire of PUC/SP, under the auspices of Ph.D Professor Ana Maria Saul, whose objective is to analyze Paulo Freires thoughts in public educational systems in Brazil as from the 1990s. This study is based on two interrelated issues: 1.What is the contribution of the freireano thought training policy of educators in the Municipality of Diadema?; 2. How has the policy of permanent formation of educators in the Municipality of Diadema supported in freireanos frameworks been achieved in practice in a school unit? The guiding principles of the proposal and lasting practice of the freireana education constitute the theoretical referential that conducted the data collection and then analysis of the evidences collected. The qualitative approach study used procedures of analysis of documents, observation, interviews and questionnaires. The results analysis allows us to conclude that the assumptions of lifelong learning are, in fact, sorts of indicators the policy of formation of educators of the Municipal Education in Diadema. In the school researched, remarks and analysis of interviews show that the formation of educators is understood as "permanent formation", in the same meaning as it is ascribed to Mr. Freire. One highlights the importance given by educators to reflection on the practices and exploitation of knowledge of educators experience as well as the collective work which is developed under this proposal for continuous education and the exchange of experience


freire, paulo -- 1921-1997 -- critica e interpretacao permanent formation of educators formação permanente de educadores curriculo professores -- formacao profissional -- diadema, sp

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