Formação e a competência informacional do bibliotecário-médico Brasileiro / Training and informational power of the Brazilian medical-librarian




This study aimed to investigate the different approaches on the training of medical-librarians, in order to observe their characteristics and proposals, and identify the informational literacy that would be desirable to these professionals in Brazil. Whereas the practice of the Medical Librarianship is recent in Brazil, the method used to achieve the proposed objectives has been developed through literature review of texts extracted in national and international databases, and took advantages of the qualitative character due to the fact of being bibliographical research of self exploratory nature which made it possible to observe the main skills and informational competences of the medical-librarians. It has also been observed that the research conducted between informational skills of Medical Library Association and the subjects proposed for the training of professionals to work in the Brazilian Medical Libraries presents a similarity between items compared. Moreover, the Brazilian medical library in is moving towards a scenario of recognition by health professionals, due to the collaboration of medical-librarians, in the provision of information that may support the doctors facing a decision, and the students and teachers of the medical field about their informational needs. The main obtained results indicate that the schools of librarianship in Brazil went through several revisions in its curriculum grids, to enable librarians to take initiatives, motivation, pro-activity and be receptive to changes, in order to act in several areas of knowledge, including in the medical field. The results also showed that the main characteristics of Brazilian medical-librarians do not differ from the general profile of librarians, to have skills to work in specialized libraries. However, it has been noted that there is little provision of courses for medical-librarians improvement and/or specialization in the medical field.


biblioteconomia-médica educação ciencia da informacao competência informacional medical-librarian training medical-librarianship medical-librarian education formação do bibliotecário-médico informational literacy bibliotecário-médico

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