COMPETÊNCIAS NECESSÁRIAS À GESTÃO DE PESSOAS: um estudo de caso no Departamento de Manutenção da ELETROSUL




Its a common practice in the organizations to use as a criterion to indicate an employee for a management function the fact of he is worth of distinction in a technical function, or the relationship of trust with the employee, without taking care in adapting the employee to his new function. Its necessary that taking over a management function the employee assimilate his new role, and the managers usually need to learn by themselves, in the practice of their job, the complex art of managing people. Taking in account the strategic importance of people management to the success of the organizations, and the consequent necessity of concrete actions to improve the performance of the managers in the conduction of their teams, this research presents a study of case related with the theme. Its objective is to identify the competences that need to be developed by the bosses of the sections of the Maintenance Department of ELETROSUL, a public company of electrical energy that operates in the South Region of Brazil and in the Mato Grosso do Sul State. As instruments of research, not structured interviews were applied to the managers of the bosses of the sections studied, besides a questionnaire to these managers about the functional competences considered by ELETROSUL as important for its bosses of sections. A questionnaire was also applied to the employees subordinated to the bosses of sections, concerning points that have direct influence in the motivation, activities and results of these employees. Based in the results of the research, actions are proposed to ELETROSUL to adequate the competences of the bosses of sections researched to its needs and to improve their performances.


administracao visão empresarial corporation vision administração de pessoal; pessoal - treinamento; gestão de empresas; liderança; leadership people management competências gestão de pessoas competences liderança

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