Responsabilidade Social e gestão com pessoas: um estudo em empresas no pólo industrial de Camaçari/Ba




In the last few decades the companies have propagated a speech concerning the Corporate Social Responsibility, when searching management models that place as guideline the companies as active social agents, whose responsibility extends to the society and to the environment, being one of the main interactions in these enterprise practices the relation with its internal public. In this context also are inserted the unions that represent, inside of a legal condition, the interests of the workers. Thus, this research focused on the following problem: Which of the corporate social responsibilities assumed with the employees inside of the work collective agreement process or work collective convention that had been negotiated in the period from 2003 to 2007, in companies from the Polo Industrial de Camaçari-BA and in the neighborhood region that are effectively fulfilled ? In this manner, the general objective was to understand how this internal public is treated by the organizations, by means of their people management programs, and the relation with the practices of management of the corporate social responsibility. The investigations of these practices of social care were carried through from the study of the work agreements and collective conventions. In the research it was used an exploration study concerning the subject and a study of multiple case, where the sustainability reports, the work agreements and work collective conventions of two companies from the Polo Industrial de Camaçari were analyzed, whose workers are members of the Sindicato dos Trabalhadores da Indústria Textil (the workers from the textile Union) called Sinditextil and of the Sindicato dos Metalurgicos da Bahia (the Workers of the Metallurgy Union from the State of Bahia). There were half-structuralized interviews in the two chosen companies for presenting speeches of practices of corporate social responsibility. It was evidenced that there are organizational speeches concerning the practices of social responsibility that meet only the requirements of the law itself, as well as others that surpass the legal obligations in the management of people and that are not formalized in the work agreements and collective conventions.


responsabilidade social corporativa sindicatos gestão de pessoas corporate social responsibility unions management of people administracao de pessoal

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