Coastal zone and the environment: legal aspects / Zona costeira e meio ambiente : aspectos jurídicos




Peoples right to an ecologically balanced environment, which is a natural good of common use and essential to a healthy standard of life, is guaranteed by the Brazilian Constitution of 1988. It constitutes a diffuse right that is supposed to be defended and preserved not only by the authorities but also by the community. The coastal zone is a unique region, considered as national heritage by the Federal Constitution due to its peculiar characteristics and ecosystem, as well as its great ecological significance. However, the coastal zone has been suffering a degradation process, mainly by the growth of tourism, irregular edifications, uncontrolled urbanization and total disrespect to the environmental regulations. Human activities have been causing the Brazilian shore to lose its natural characteristics, which demands a more effective control by the authorities. The present dissertation proposes, first of all, the study of general issues of the coastal zone, such as its importance, legal nature and coastal management plans. Then, the analysis of the other natural goods which belong to the coastal zone, such as dunes, coastal shrubs, beaches, marine shorelands and maritime islands, focusing on their juridical treatment, always aiming at the environmental protection.


direito direito ambiental proteção ambiental responsbilidade (direito)

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