Abordagem teórica e prática de aspectos polêmicos da lei de improbidade administrativa


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The Administrative Impropriety Law is the driving force of this dissertation, which addresses its controversial aspects in theory and in practice. Brazils historic contemporary moment at the time the law was being examined and approved was fundamental to justify its swift enactment. The Administrative Impropriety Law was sanctioned in 1992, however, there are no indications that point to a reduction in the number of cases of corruption in Public Administration, which suggests a possible distortion in the application of the legal instrument by law operators. Administrative impropriety is practised by corrupt dishonest public agents and embedded bad faith, however it does not apply to those who are technically unprepared. The proper understanding of the Impropriety Administrative Law is fundamental to avoid distortions in its application, which culminates in honest people leaving Public Service


brasil. [lei n. 8.429, de 2 de junho de 1992] direito administrativo teses. fiscalização da administração pública brasil. corrupção administrativa brasil. atos administrativos aspectos juridicos.

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