Um estudo de simulação do sistema brasileiro de coleta de dados baseado em satélites / Asimulationstudyofthebraziliansatellitebaseddatasystem




The Brazilian Satellite Based Data Collecting System comprises a network of data collecting platforms distributed over the country, various satellites, the receiving ground stations, and the Mission Control Center. This work carries out a comprehensive simulation study of this system, covering mainly the phases of objectives definition, requirements specification and implementation of a basic prototype of a simulator. The system is modeled as a data communication network with satellites based links, with the main objective of studying the traffic of messages between its nodes, based on the use of the simulator for system s configuration, operation and performance analysis. The work comprises theoretical aspects, related with its modeling based on an object-oriented approach, as well as practical ones, related with the development and the use of the simulator, implemented using the simulation language MODSIM III.


systems engineering programação orientada a objetos simulação de sistemas engenharia de software interfaces gráficas systems simulation sotware engineering object oriented programming graphical user interface engenharia de sistemas

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