ProduÃÃo dos Saberes Docentes de BacharÃis emDireito que atuam no Ensino Superior JurÃdico




In this work we intended to understand as professionals of law that act in law schools produce professorsâ kwowledge. The reference is the law professor, and its performance while professor and the way he articulates knowledge and teaching practice. Thus, the objectives of the present work have been: to analyze as the professionals of law who act in law schools produce teaching knowledge; to identify the importance is given by the professors on specific law knowledge in university settings; to identify and to characterize the peculiarities of these knowledge from the teaching practice; to point out moments and influences that emerge as more decisive for the production of these knowledge through teaching activities of these professors. The theoretician-pedagogical references that allowed this discussion is based on Tardif, Pimenta, Anastasiou, NÃvoa, Zabalza, Romanelli, Haidar, Cunha, LibÃneo, Tardif &Raymond, Saviani and others. The research was carried through with professors who act in the Law Schools and counted with the participation of 17 professors, with the aid of a questionnaire for the identification of professional profile and, later, with half-structured interviews with the same professors. The results revealed that these professors do not possess any education or pedagogical preparation and perceive the existence of other knowledge, although canât enumerate them, as well as the necessity of a permanent update in their area, for the good performance of its teaching function. This professor has a hedonistic relation with education, although he moves away when he needs to show explicitly the content of the relation and the characteristics of the full enjoyment, as well as the means to get it. The way as they see education is more in a artistic form of what in a professional attitude. They do not live deeply education as profession. We hope to contribute with this studey to increase the discussion on the thematic of professors knowledge production in order to improve their teaching professional qualification


saberes docentes docÃncia universitÃria professor de direito ensino superior educacao superior education professorsâ knowledge law professors

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