Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais e o Professor do Ensino Fundamental: Uma questão de currículo?




ABSTRACT This study has as main objective identify and analyze the way that Fundamental Education teachers perceive the public politics of Education, in particular the national Curricular Parameters NCP, if they use them in their docent practice, and if they bring or not contributions to students learning and to improvement of education. Immerse in everyday practice of a school context, I had looked for a perspective to understand better the speech of teachers, as for the imposition of curriculum politics and their impact in the pedagogical work. Choosing for a research of qualitative nature, I had theoretically argued the themes found at the interviews realized with teachers, seeking e comprehension about the function that NCPs bring to the work in the classrooms. So, I had weaved some critical considerations in light of theory, related to data collected in the research about knowledge and vision of the teachers related to public politics of education, specifically about the NPCs implanted in the second-half of 90s by the Education and Culture Ministry ECM. The analysis of this study allowed to identify that the PCNs marks a conflituos and fragilited presence in the pertaining to school universe. The critical ones elucidated in such a way for the teachers who know them and use, as for the teachers who not know/ignore them, point determinative aspects of this research, being possible to detect that the NPCs does not bring advances and significant contributions capable to mobilize and to propitiate changes for the Education.


curriculum educacao permanente professores do ensino fundamental educação e estado educação public politics políticas públicas education ensino fundamental - currículo currículo

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