A disciplina educação física nos parâmetros curriculares nacionais para o terceiro e quarto ciclos do ensino fundamental: inovações e permanências




This project presents as study object the insertion of the Physical Education discipline on the Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais for the third and fourth cycles from the fundamental instruction (PCNs), searching to comprehend if there were permanency and innovations in comparison with the curriculuns proposals from the states, elaborated in the 90ths, more specifically the Pernambucos proposals (1990), São Paulo (1993), Distrito Federal (1993) and Minas Gerais (1995). As much as, initially we searched to learn the concept of scholar discipline based on the Chervels arguments (1990). Thereafter was accomplished a bibliographical revision fundamentally in authors that have been proposed an analysis of scholar Physical Educations history on 1970 at 1980 period. They were: Beltrami (1992), Betti (1991), Castellani Filho (1988), Coletivo de Autores (1992), Medina (1983) and Oliveira (2001). As well central study an analysis of curriculuns proposals from states was realized, when under observation according to constituent elements of a scholar discipline, searching to comprehend how Physical Education discipline was being approached during the 90ths decade. Finally, the comparative analysis was accomplished between the states proposals and the Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais for the third and fourth cycles of fundamental instruction (PCNs). The PCNs exam was based in authors as Caparroz (2003), Gramorelli (2007) and Rodrigues (2002). This analysis, hedged too on scholar discipline constituents elements, in pursuit of comprehend that innovations and permanence of Physical Education discipline in this document, with relation to states curriculum proposals


educação física topicos especificos de educacao scholars discipline history physical education educacao fisica -- curriculo história das disciplinas escolares

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