O colÃgio israelita MoysÃs Chvarts: tradiÃÃo e construÃÃo da identidade judaica recifense




The aim of this study is to analyze the participation of a school institution in internalization of a second identity and ensuring tradition: The ColÃgio Israelita MoysÃs Chvarts was studied, as this is the only school of its kind in Recife/PE that for nearly a century has dedicated itself to the education of Jewish and non-Jewish children. Through the theory of the German sociologist Norbert Elias (1897-1990), the concept of âhabitusâ - a âsecond natureâ or âincorporated social knowledgeâ- was analyzed by investigating which of the diverse educational activities within the school contributed to maintaining memory and forming this second nature. The methodological procedures adopted for this research were chosen with the objective of comprehending and analyzing symbolic elements constructed by the Jewish community with regards to this educational institution: documents were consulted on the basis of New History, as such photographs, posters, Pedogogical Policy Projects, etc. were consulted to construct the narrative of this dissertation. Oral History as a methodological procedure also contributed towards this research, as people who studied within the values of this educational institution discussed the effects that these had in the construction of their living experience and social imaginary as a group that contemplates values within a greater social group. With the Eliasian theory of habitus as a line of rationale for the this research, strong symbolic elements that the ColÃgio Israelita installs within its students through daily life, cultural activities and differentiated scholarly subjects were perceived: there is within the Judaic community belief in education as a fundamental factor for the continuity of values and the memory of ancestors; also, the sanctification of formal education and of oral tradition as a tool of resistance for the survival of these values, which are dear to the group, contribute toward the formation of Judaic identity and the continuity of traditions that are millions of years old


memÃria identity eliasian habitus habitus eliasiano memory culture educacao identidade cultura escola judaica tradition tradiÃÃo judaic school

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