Implementation of lean manufacturing in an automotive industry, appling of the integration your principal tools lean / Implementação da manufatura enxuta em uma empresa do setor automotivo, aplicando de forma integrada suas principais ferramentas




Nowadays, in the global economy, organizations survival depends on their capacity and flexibility to do continuous improvements, which take them to harder competitively through quality and productivity This work suggest a method for implementation, a Lean Manufacturing System, in an automobilist company installed in Brazil, that allow the company to reach a best industrial performance. This job is a bibliographic revision that inc1udes historic assumptions and presentation of concepts regarding lean manufacturing structure besides practice presentation and manager approach relating phases and results achieved. What was extremely relevant is that this implementation reached excellent results, which were obtained without investments in personal or machine, but only in the study or relocation of lay out and implementation of lean manufacturing tools. And the end it s done related analyses of total approach


manufacturing pull system produtividade industrial fluxo de valor reengenharia (administração) value stream mapping planejamento de produção continuos flow standardized work just-in-time

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