HistoquÃmica com lectinas de sementes de Cratylia mollis analisando tecidos prostÃticos humanos




Prostate cancer is a malignant tumour of major incidence in elderly men in the developed countries and the second major cause of death for cancer. Lectins are proteins or glycoproteins, which recognize specifically and reversibly free or conjugated carbohydrates. They have been used in histochemistry to evaluate changes in the composition and expression of cell-surface and cytoplasm oligossacharides in glycoconjugates during processes of cellular development and differentiation as well as in carcinogenesis. The aim of this work was to evaluate isoforms from Cratylia mollis seed lectin (Cramoll 1,4 glucose/mannose-specific and Cramoll 3 galactose-specific), conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (HRP), as potential histochemical markers for normal and neoplasic tissues of human prostate and to compare them to commercial lectins of similares specificities, respectively (Con-A and PNA). Cramoll 1,4 and Cramoll 3 were conjugated to HRP and biopsies slices (4 μm) from normal prostate, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatic carcinoma (PCa) were submitted to histochemistry with the lectins in study. Inhibition assays of lectin-carbohydrate binding were carried out with the specific sugar for each isoform at a concentration of 0.3 M for control. The labeling pattern of Con-A and Cramoll 1,4 in BPH was more intense than in NP. These lectins too showed differences between BPH and PCa, in which marked with decreasing intensity while increased malignancy degree. PNA and Cramoll 3 stained similarly epithelial cells in all groups, although they have presented intense staining of lumen of the PCa glands. None of lectins in study can be employed as a marker for corpora amylacea since there wasnât difference of staining among them in most cases. Present results suggest that the glycosylation of proteins is modified in both BPH and PCa. Thus, Cramoll 1,4 and 3 seed lectins present themselves as candidate for tools in histochemistry for prostate pathologies when compared to commercial lectins as Con-A and PNA.


cÃncer corpos amilÃceos. prÃstata cratylia mollis prostate lectinas histoquÃmica corpora amylacea. cratylia mollis lectin histochemistry biologia e fisiologia dos microorganismos cancer

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