Estrutura e função do capital social na companhia aberta / Legal capital of publicly-held company : structure and function




Financial innovation, characterized by the development of new structures and legal and financial instruments in the past decades, impacts the traditional concepts of corporate law, as well as the interpretation of existing legislation. Starting from an analysis of the different meanings and functions of the legal capital of companies, it was sought to specifically examine this concept in light of mechanisms devised for the funding of companies and for the protection of creditors. This paper analyzes the matters seeking, initially, to identify the forms of association and the historical background of the publicly¬-held company in order to then analyze the rules pertaining to the legal capital, with its characteristics and purposes. Last, we examine, in separate chapters, of credit securitization, of the lifting of the corporate veil, and of the segregated capital, comparing each of these concepts with that of the legal capital, instead of focusing on the specific legal rules pertaining to such concepts.


segrested capital pessoa jurídica sociedade anônima de capital aberto sociedade comercial limited liability corporate law legal capital publicly-held company capital social disergard doctrine

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