Do observável para o oculto : um estudo da produção escrita de alunos da 4. série em questões de matemática




The contribution of the assessment in the development of the students might be an opportunity to show them what they know, as well a chance they have to learn. In this view, both the mistakes and the hits establish relevant information about teaching-learning process, once they can be considered a significant source of knowledge on the search of comprehension of hypothesis and walked road. Therefore, the assessment is understood as an investigation process of students written production, by means of description, analysis and discussion of the strategies and resources used may foster taking of a decision in respect to the teacher?s didactical pedagogical planning and pupils? taking of consciousness. We are searching to make clear the relevance of a practical assessment that configures, no only for the identification of difficulties, but mainly by the recognition of knowledge existence, in so far as the mistakes and the hits of the students that we propose to investigate 25 students written production of 4o. level of Ensino Fundamental. As the information source we used the students written rate-book found in the Math Open Questions Test - AVA 2002, and in the semi structured interviews. In this study, we are investigating i) which steps the students choose to solve problems ii) which math knowledge they use iii) which mistakes they make and which source they are iv) how they use the information that is in the statement of math open questions. It is a qualitative research with an interpretative focus, in which the context analysis contributed to the comprehension of the result. The procedures adopted and the students mistakes considered, we joined the resolutions in cases. So that it was possible to identify some characteristics in their productions, as well to find out how much the students know and how able they are to produce in Math.


matemática - estudo e ensino avaliação em matemática produção escrita em matemática matemática - acertos e erros mathematics - study and teaching

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