Uma análise da produção escrita de alunos do ensino médio em questões abertas de matemática




In the perspective of seeing the evaluation as one of the conductor wires of the knowledge search, understanding it as a process that describes what students know and what they are able to do in mathematics, this investigation analises the written registers of high school students in open questions mathematics. The present work shows a qualitative nature investigation of the 44 students written registers from a state sample of the Open Question Mathematics test of the school performance evaluation of Paraná State ? AVA/2002. Based on interpretation of what has been registered, we tried to understand how they used the information showing in the question, identifying the most frequent rights and wrongs and their nature/procedure used, the way this written production shows as well as if it shows signs of Mathematics content compatible with their school level, like algebraic thinking presence signs. This investigation presents, among others, that a big difficulty showed by students is related to the information showing in the question reading and understanding; students search for strategies and own procedures to solve the questions, and a few of them use mathematics content compatible with their school level.


produção escrita em matemática matemática - avaliação da aprendizagem matemática - estudo e ensino avaliação em matemática

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