Desenvolvimento e caracterização de biofilmes a base de gelatina




Biofilms are edible films and/or biodegradable produced from biopolymers wich can be able to form a continuous matrix. The utility of biofilms as packaging materials is directly related with its caracteristics and also with its possible interactions among the product and the environment. There are proofs that the proteins are promising materials by a list of potential functional properties. The gelatin is an interesting material due to its large production by low cost. 50 that, the objective of this work is the development and characterization of these films produced from gelatin. Several formulations were tested using type B gelatin (250 bloom), sorbitol as plsticizant, acetic acid and sodium hidroxide as pH fitting agents and water as solvent applying the thermal gelatification techniques. The filmogenic solution was dehydrated in a plate warmer of forced ventilation at 35ºC. At the beginning it was carried out an mechanical properties optimization as being function of films formulations using the response-superface methodology (RSM). Then it was applied a 23 complete experimental desing and response surface analysis. After an appropriate selection, it was studied the effect of thickness and relative moiture in the mechanical properties and also the effect of thickness and temperature in the permeability of water vapor by using specific techniques for biofilms. The response surface analysis showed that pH of filmogenic solution and the plasticizants concentrations have the highest effects in the mechanical properties and also it was noted that there is a tendency of strength increase in the rupture together with thickness increase, this effect is more emphasized in the conditions of low relative moiture. A descontinuily was noted at 0,24 mm in the other hand, it was observed that a thickness increase causes a increase in the permeability of water vapor and at temperatures over 25°C the films suffer structural changes


proteinas gelatina permeabilidade propriedades mecanicas

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