Analysis of reading strategies of teachers 4th grade of elementary school, by the view interactive / Análise das estratégias de leitura de professores da 4 série do ensino fundamental, sob a perspectiva interativa




Whereas the competence reader as the primary tool for accessing and processing information into knowledge and given its importance in the development of learning, this study was conducted with the purpose to evidence obtained results in three interviews with three teachers, from 4th grade the Elementary School I, a public school of the city of São Paulo, identify, describe, analyze and understand the strategies used for reading, and we discuss them in front of the interactive view of reading. Also, we tried to clarify how the process of information occurs, according to the reference of Cognitive Psychology, to a significant learning that can be received by the use of reading strategies. As a result, it was possible to know the practices of reading development, and we noted that the involved teachers dont have knowledge of the cognitive aspects involved in the act of reading and, therefore, there isnt systematic way of using the strategies of before, during and after of reading. The activities of reading, in turn, are based on a conception of learning that prioritizes the decoding, no, so the interaction necessary for the construction of understanding, resulting in learning to read mechanically, devoid of meaning and significance. Because this practice doesnt promote the necessary interaction between the learner s prior knowledge and what he still doesnt know, it makes the processing of information and understanding disadvantage. We hope this study may contribute to the reflection of the practices of reading comprehension, allowing to understood like the object of teaching and learning, and thus be aware of the widespread use of reading strategies in all curriculum components


compreensão leitora aprendizagem significativa psicologia educacional reading strategies reading comprehension leitura compreensao na leitura reading estratégias de leitura significant learning aprendizagem interactive reading leitura interativa

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