Análise dos deslocamentos térmicos de eixo-árvores de máquinas-ferramenta em altas rotações / ANALYSIS OF MECHANICAL AND THERMAL DISPLACEMENTS IN HIGH SPEED MACHINE TOOL SPINDLES




Machine tools play a key role in modern industrial production; therefore the technological development of machine tool industry has grown over the past decades. High Speed Machining (HSM) is widely used for machining complex and free form surfaces with high geometrical and dimensional accuracy. The spindle is one of the main items of a machine tool. Thus, it becomes necessary to know the influence levels of the main internal sources of heat in a machine tool. These sources basically derive from: transmission of electric engines; friction in drives and gear boxes; machining process (cutting, chip, workpiece); friction in bearings and guides. The dimensional and geometric accuracy of machined parts depends mainly on the performance of the spindle. To admit the idea of a holistic model, and then propose a possible optimization for a high-accuracy machining it is necessary to study and investigate the mechanical and thermal behaviour of the spindle. For that reason, this paper presents an analysis, based on the finite element method, of the mechanical and thermal displacements, as well as a determination of the critical speed of the spindle of the machine tool at high cutting speed.


eixo-árvore engenharia mecanica spindle machine tool deslocamentos térmicos máquina-ferramenta thermal displacements

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