Administração do capital de giro em micro e pequenas empresas: uma pesquisa qualitativa em três restaurantes de Blumenau-SC




The working capital (or its lack of time) appears as one of mainly factors that lead a company to close down its business. This research had approached the subject, specially, how it is managed a small and micro companies. For this, it was used the qualitative method a sort of studying case. The sample engages three managers of foods stuffs (restaurants) in Blumenau, state of Saint Catherine. Trough this research, it was identified that the mainly companies managers are their owners, too and they have a confident person to help them to lead their business. Besides, it was found out a common practice at the three researched companies: whenever it is possible its managers pay in cash to get better prices and have products with better quality, rising up the profit margin and also maximizing its businesss possibilities. They demonstrate to know that to control purchases and avoid the indebtedness is essential to the business1s prosperity. Another aspect that attracted attention was the interviewed owners join venture spirit, because even if different levels the three managers felt themselves defiance to rise up the points as they said, were burnt


capital de giro; pequenas e médias empresas; administração administracao restaurant capital de giro; micro e pequenas empresas; restaurantes working capital micro and small companies

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