O papel da cultura local no desenvolvimento do turismo em Blumenau-SC




The relation culture-tourism may be cultivated as an activity that can originate benefits able to accumulate socially. The city of Blumenau (SC) is characterized for having an European colonization and its population is noted for the preservation of German tradition, what can be seen through the music, dance, architecture and gastronomy. In this context, this research proposes to identify and analyze the way the culture has been taken into account to develop tourism in Blumenau. Thus the methodology used in order to aim this goal, was the qualitative research. The procedure of collecting information involved primary and secondary data, which required the use of some techniques of bibliography and documentary analyses, direct and indirect structured interview with representatives of the public administration, of the tourism trade, as well as members of the community. According to the results obtained with the research, a new dynamic of tourism activities can be observed in Blumenau. What also can be noticed is that the tourism managers are more concerned to carry out a plan that values the cultural and historical process of the city and the elements that it represents, differently from the former ones, in spite of their appeal for culture.Also noticeable in the current administration is the constant concern to complement, improve and innovate the local tourism in order to benefit everyone involved in this area. In the organization of tourism in Blumenau, such attitude reveals a considerable social transformation


cultura tourism turismo - blumenau (sc); cultura - blumenau (sc); desenvolvimento regional - blumenau (sc) desenvolvimento regional turismo culture ciências humanas regional development

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