A eficiência estratégica do Sistema de Bibliotecas da Universidade Federal da Bahia.




Recently the managerialism has been the keynote within the public service, the pursuit of administrative efficiency becomes the dominant theme. That is, drive the machinery of government, with increasing challenges in the face of increasingly scarce resources. And it is this scenario of efficiency within the public administration that insert in itself the university libraries, especially those linked to Federal Universities, which therefore become transfigured into public bodies. The strategy have been implemented in organizations as a way of seeking efficiency, and this directly affects the University Library. Therefore, the Universitary Board of the Federal University of Bahia, in regular meeting held on May 23, 2008, decided to create, through Resolution No. 03/09, the Library System of the Federal University of Bahia (SIBI / UFBA), in condition of Supplemental Organization, to lead in a coordinated and systemic, and therefore efficient, research development, education and extension. However, conform literature review realized, the SIBI / UFBA demonstrates some points that have not been achieved by him in the quest for his efficiency, and herein lies the contribution of this research, that aims to evaluate the efficiency of the system of libraries, Federal University of Bahia, from the perception of their servers. Moreover, it aims to measure the basic competence; measure the strategically ally, and measure the focus in the attendance the user of SIBI, through the perception of its librarians. Thus, based on a review of the literature is established a methodological tracing that, through the analysis of questionnaires applied to the sample, leads to results regarding the strategic effectiveness of SIBI / UFBA. And the results show some weaknesses in the SIBI in relation to these points: the focus in its mission, vision and plans; in the treatment of information as part of a service; in the co-optation of knowledge dispersed in the sectors of the library or in the libraries of the system; in the construction of partnerships among the sectors of the library and in the libraries of the system; in make the user like based on the business; in to answer the specificities of library users; the diversification of products and services offered by libraries; and the integration the community in the planning of the library. These weaknesses are, more than weaknesses points, opportunities to improve the management of SIBI / UFBA, and that is what this paper demonstrates, that is, that actions to improve the basic competence, the strategically ally and the answer to the user can actually lead to greater efficiency strategic of the SIBI.


administração pública eficiência administrativa pblic aministration uversity library administrative strategy estratégia administrativa administrative efficiency administracao de setores especificos biblioteca universitária

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