Revistas científicas: estudo de visibilidade das revistas publicadas pela Universidade Federal da Bahia.




This exploratory, descriptive is aimed at identifying the visibility of the scientific journals published by the units and bodies of the Federal University of Bahia (Universidade Federal da Bahia), Brazil, in regular circulation in 2004, by taking into account the indicators showing editorial quality as well as national and international visibility. A preliminary survey was carried out at the Memory Section of that university s Central Library, whwre 149 titles were found to have been published since its foundation. However, only eightee of those titles were shown to be indexed in the last CAPES-based Qualis system census (data from 2004), and finally no more than 9 of those items were being issued punctually in 2004, in accordance with their periodicity, wich comprised the sample. Data were collected by privileging the reading and using the cognitive dimensions and the literal understanding as a category, wich, according to Barret, focus on the information explicitly and trustworthily inserted in the text. All published issues available at the facility dating from 2000 to 2004 (n=94) were analyzed. The indicator for editorial quality revealed a neef for quality improvement whereas the virtual absece of the sampled journals in Brazilian libraries pointed to a low national visibility and an unfulfilled potential for reaching a greater reader ship, a wider sphere of influence and hence a broader dissemination. Moreover, only 3 of the 9 titles in our sample have been indexed in bibliographical databases with a national, international and/or Latin American scope. Criteria are therefore urged in order to improve scientific production at the university. As a whole, the scientific journals published by the federal University of Bahia do not meet the national or international requeriments for indexation into databases thus failing to have a consistent planning towards fulfilling their role public records of scientific knowledge and guardians of the quality standards of their products through assessment bodies.


periódicos científicos assessment ciencia da informacao universidade federal da bahia publicações científicas federal university of bahia avaliação scientific periodicals scientific journals

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