Os aprendizes da casa verde: um estudo sobre a comensalidade dos estudantes de Nutrição da Universidade Federal da Bahia. / Os aprendizes da casa verde: um estudo sobre a comensalidade dos estudantes de Nutrição da Universidade Federal da Bahia.




Eating practices are an expression of life social and existential dynamics, being signified in every moment of life since birth until death, going through phases which involve academic and professional lives. In this way, it is subject to adaptation in response to several provocations as insertion needs, fashion eating, establishing in this way in its silent gesture a dialogic capacity with the world. Anterior studies looked forward to understand commensality among university students, living in the university campus, demonstrating that commensality, understood as the overcoming of eating naturality, as eating practices can be modified in response to this life moment. This qualitative study has the proposal of understanding alimentary practices of students enrolled in the nutrition course of Federal University of Bahia, focusing in the ethnographic aspects of commensality and in the narratives which rose during interviews with 8 students in different stages of formation. It was observed several aspects which can change students commensality as the students perception about the own alimentary practices and its enfoldments which include self vigilance and others vigilance, as a part of alimentary learning of the future professional in nutrition, resumed in the expression giving example like a need. It is important to emphasize that the reconstruction of alimentary practices are also part of the building of professional identity. It was perceived the lack of time and feeding spaces in the academic life of nutrition students, involving aspects as food cost, lack of thinking in the graduation curriculum about the time needed to move among distant learning units and also about eating hours. Thinking about in graduation young individuals, the experience of daily commensality in the university environment, should be something extremely relevant once it contributes to a better approach of the self and so to the comprehension of future professional role. This study shows that during graduation time, the nutrition student doesnt have good conditions to a healthy eating practice like understood by official world documents about nutrition and also preached by university program, lacking a space for self-reflection what is essential to the professional development.


estudantes de nutrição comensalidade práticas alimentares nutrition students eating practices commensality nutricao

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