A atividade de inteligência e o direito no combate ao crime organizado e ao terrorismo / A atividade de inteligência e o direito no combate ao crime organizado e ao terrorismo




Besides operations of protected knowledge research, the intelligence activity develops works of strategic analysis, using systematic procedures, studies and evaluations, with the objective of identify and understand criminal organizations and their components characteristics and manners of performance. For the combat to the organized crime and terrorism, the Public Power needs the coordinated action of the several federal and state intelligence organs. The terrorism phenomenon can be identified since remote ages, in a torment that always followed human beings. The Terrorism, as we see it, cannot be understood, or cannot be understood anymore as an act promoted with just political or religious purposes. Terrorism, also under our approach, is best explained for the violent actuation than for its alleged causes, motivations or purposes. Because of the complexity and width of criminal activities in internal and transnational extent, it is not satisfactory to combat the organized crime exclusively with police officers actions. The intelligence sectors should be put to work, plans should be done, and sceneries need to be drawn. Then the set "cooperation, coordination and control" associated to the fourth element, the intelligence, can lead to the neutralization of criminal actions


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