Sentidos e significados atribuídos pelo professor às "dificuldades de aprendizagem"




The objective of this study was the meaning investigation assigned by the teacher to "learning difficulties" presented by his students. The theoretical assumed was the socio-historical psychology, subsidized by philosophy and the method proposed by the historical dialectical materialism. The research subject was a math teacher in a public school in São Paulo/SP, in the middle period of his career, with 17 years teaching. The data collection involved a semi-structured interviews with the subject of research, based on script previously elaborated, focusing on the personal and professional history life, further on aspects with a focus on interest themetic. The grouping methodology and analysis data was the significance of the nuclei (Aguiar and Ozella, 2006). The results shows the teacher`s report perspectives of "blaming" by both students and teachers, by "learning difficulties" presented by some individuals in the teaching-learning. This is a fairly shared view by teachers, constituted socio-historically by and in the objective conditions of implementation policies public toward basic education, the structuring of the Brazilian educational system and also the teachers training. Based on a proposal critical by Psychology of Education, this work shows the need to focus on the affective dimensions of the individuals involved in the teaching-learning as well as their material conditions of existence, including toward beyond the appearance of its practices constituent. This aspect inserted in the process of training education teacher provides a better understanding of the essence of the educational phenomenon, present in and outside the classroom, thus promoting a transformation of the teaching-learning and the conception of deterministic construction of the "difficulties learning


learning difficulties teaching-learning relashionship dificuldades de aprendizagem disturbios de aprendizagem formação de professores relação ensino-aprendizagem meanings ensino psicologia sócio-histórica socio-historical psychology aprendizagem sentidos e significados teacher training psicologia educacional professores -- formacao profissional

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