Critérios competitivos e manutenção de relacionamento entre fornecedores de transporte marítimo internacional e exportadores do Rio Grande do Sul




Logistics operations play an important role in international business. At the same time, exports are a major driver in the Brazilian economy policies. As exportation rates have increased quickly in the last years, companies have been compelled to seek cost reduction, quality improvements and client satisfaction. Thus, this study aimed to identify competitive criteria and relationship patterns in the services continuity in the international sea transport industry. The companies analyzed are located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. A survey was carried out in two of the major exporters industries in that state Machinery and Agribusiness. The results showed that competitive criteria employed in Services Performance: feedback capacity, staffs skills, on time delivery, price, ships space availability and equipment were found to be more important for the relationship maintenance in the international sea export industry and Brazilian exporters. Therefore, these criteria are key aspects for the relationship continuity between exporters and international sea transport suppliers. We also analyzed the influence of the past relationship in the evaluation of international sea transport supply. The results suggest that communication is the most important aspect and it has positive impact on the continuity and the quality of relationships between suppliers and exporters. Therefore, service suppliers managers should focus their efforts in keeping and improving their relationship with clients, with especial attention to communication because it influences simultaneously service quality and clients satisfaction


relacionamento comprador-fornecedor buyer-supplier relationship competitive criteria administracao international sea transport critérios competitivos transporte marítimo internacional export companies exportadores rio grande do sul

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