[email protected] um rolê pelas ruas da cultura digital




Rolê, in urban slang means to walk around, to go for a walk. Following this definition, this research walks through files posted by urban writers, in the great computer‟s world wide net. The technological advance allowed great changes in the way we communicate to each other. The spaces for human relationship have spread, and are also cyberspace and the rolê now can be digital. To comprehend this dive in the virtual, present in every generation of the XXI century, it is necessary to get to know the origins of the internet e also concepts which refer to the virtual space and the changes in communication towards the digital technological means. The approaches presented here depart from historicities, one about the tags/pixos/graffiti and, in parallel, about the great virtual net. in the arts field, before the internet, some artist developed a world wide connection of files exchange, through the post; highlighted here the Fluxus group, as one of the pioneers. Among innumerous files, pieces of art, photos and cards circulated, which provoked ruptures and a series of transformations in the art institutions and allowed a historical record. In this flow of postal, conceptual, art, the work of Cildo Meireles and Paulo Bruscky consolidated, in Brazil, an artistic production from autonomic spaces, and promoted alternatives circuits of information. Previous to the internet, this artists published their pieces with political and symbolic information and, even towards a military regime, it was possible the circulation of the information among the social environment, using the mass media channels and the traditional exchange systems. In the same way, the urban writers, autonomous, made the polyphonies circulate the digital using the great net as an information exchange channel, as a great advertising, activism and political protagonism tool


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