Vinegar rice (Oryza sativa L.) produced by a submerged fermentation process from alcoholic fermented rice


Food Sci. Technol




Considering the limited availability of technology for the production of rice vinegar and also due to the potential consumer product market, this study aimed to use alcoholic fermented rice (rice wine (Oryza sativa L.)) for vinegar production. An alcoholic solution with 6.28% (w/v) ethanol was oxidized by a submerged fermentation process to produce vinegar. The process of acetic acid fermentation occurred at 30 ± 0.3°C in a FRINGS® Acetator (Germany) for the production of vinegar and was followed through 10 cycles. The vinegar had a total acidity of 6.85% (w/v), 0.17% alcohol (w/v), 1.26% (w/v) minerals and 1.78% (w/v) dry extract. The composition of organic acids present in rice vinegar was: cis-aconitic acid (6 mg/L), maleic acid (3 mg/L), trans-aconitic acid (3 mg/L), shikimic + succinic acid (4 mg/L), lactic acid (300 mg/L), formic acid (180 mg/L), oxalic acid (3 mg/L), fumaric acid (3 mg/L) and itaconic acid (1 mg/L).

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