Velhice e lazer : um olhar etnográfico para um projeto de idosos


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




In this study I set out to understand what old age means and how it is experienced within the Centro de Esporte, Lazer e Recreação do Idoso (CELARI), located in the Physical de Education School of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre. During the period between April and December of 2011 I developed an ethnographic incursion (participative observation, interviews and document analysis) in which I shared several moments of socializing such as physical activity workshops, social activities, meetings, tours and other everyday situations. After this long period of data production I proceeded to the examination of the obtained material, developed analytical categories and came to some interpretations. Those interpretations were presented in different topics/aspects/themes and helped me to provide answers to this study s questions. Such questions relate to the sense of belonging, the perspectives concerning body and health in that given context and the sociability logics supporting the social dynamics of that universe. On the sense of belonging I understood that experiencing old age at CELARI means to share a predominantly feminine environment where everyday relations are permeated by the sense of belonging. I noticed that the conception of elderly health goes beyond the biologic condition and relates to happiness, fun and feeling good in that context. I could realize that aspects like the preoccupation with the body and being in shape pervade the ageing process. Although this preoccupation focus predominantly on the body s utility dimension (health; autonomy) it also relates to the search of a beautiful body, which is also part of the participants objectives. CELARI is then a space that allows various forms of sociability and interaction among its participants, where the affective exchanges pervade the daily relationships and sometimes sustain participation in the project.


velhice old age lazer leisure health sociabilidade sociability belonging

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