Variabilidade de agregados graúdos de resíduos de construção e demolição reciclados. / Variability of coarse recycled aggregates from construction and demolition waste.




The main point of this research proposes one methodology which analyses the variability of coarse CDW (Construction and Demolition Waste) recycled aggregates, applied on the quality control of these aggregates. With these analysis, it can be identified the influence of this variability in components performances. In the first three chapters, it is done one review of the literature, discussing about recycling plants, sustainable development and other topics. In the fourth chapter, it is discussed the methodology, analysing the experimentation. In fifth chapter, it is presented the results and discussions. The results presents the evaluation of the composition of the coarse CDW recycled aggregates by digital image processing. There are results of the variability of coarse CDW recycled aggregates by properties like composition using manual technique, particle size distribution, particle shape analysis, absorption, specific density and fine particles (<0,075 mm). To sum up, the study indicates the existence of variability in whole properties analysed and the necessity of doing characterisation on fine aggregates. One developed technique improves the evaluation of composition by manual technique, using absorption and determines the percentage on the composition of concrete and mortar phases. The other characterisations of the study developed for natural aggregates can be applied to these recycled aggregates. The variability control must be done after two days for this recycling plant. In best applications, reycling plants need equipment of quality control like float tank and air classifier. It can be inferred that the percentage of fine aggregates (<4,8mm) in grading test have linear correlation with percentage of mortar phase in composition. The study of composition using digital image processing obtained good results.


agregados reciclados construction and demolition waste recycled aggregates image analysis reciclagem resíduos da construção variabilidade análise de imagem variability recycling

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