Concrete with recycled concrete coarse aggregates : influence of age of recycling in the properties of recycled aggregates and concretes / Concreto com agregados graúdos reciclados de concreto : influência da idade de reciclagem nas propriedades dos agregados e concretos reciclados.




The concrete residues show a large potential to be recycled when compared with other residues; however, the number of studies in Brazil is very small hindering the use of this material in structural dosage. By virtue of that, it was developed a theoretical-experimental study to characterize some properties of aggregate and recycled concrete; in the theoretical study it was explored aspects related to the generation, deposition, processes for recovery, crushing, practical cases, researches involving recycled of concrete and the existent normative recommendations. In the experimental development, it was analyzed the influence of the period elapsed between the molding and the recycling of the concrete in the properties of the aggregates and concretes. The results indicate that residues recycled soon after generation, these contribute positively to the mechanical properties of the concrete due to the existence of large amount of nonhydrated cement particles, such concretes obtained results superiors for the compression strenght and tensile strenght when compared to the concretes with natural aggregates.


agregado reciclado reciclagem concreto reciclado recycling recycled aggregate retração por secagem drying shrinkage recycled concrete

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