Uma tentativa de implataÃÃo de uma cooperativa autogerida: : o desafio da participaÃÃo na Cooperativa dos Trabalhadores TÃxteis de ConfecÃÃo e VestuÃrio de Pernambuco LTDA




This research aimed to analyze how workers participate in decision making, in a Cooperative and to verify which factors influence this participation. It was perfomed at Coopetex, a textile industry at the county of Moreno, Pernambuco. This firm has changed its organizational structure some years ago, in order to establish a self-managed company. In the first part of the dissetation, a review is made about an overall theorical framework of Self-management and the concept of Power and Empowerment. In the second part, some historical examples about self-management experiences in the World and some recent experiences in Brazil are presented. At last, data, collected from interviews with 13 participants of this company were analyzed. A trend of most associated members at delegating their decisions to managers was verified. In conclusion, the Empowerment is an important factor in this tendency. In the present case, a large gap seems to exist between the individual participation and a self-management proposal


empoderamento autogestÃo - poder sociologia cooperativa - trabalhadores

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