Study of numerical methods for problems of transport phenomenons in unstructured mesh / Estudo de métodos numéricos para solução de problemas de fenômenos de transporte em malhas não estruturadas




This work presents the specification of a computational library currently being developed in order to help find the errors that appear during the development of a numerical model. This library shows chromograms of the variable fields being calculated. It is capable to bring up to date the fields calculated in each iteration, this characteristic is interesting for localization and identification of possible sources of instabilities. The specification was carried through at the same time that several numeric methods were tested in order to find which were best suited for modeling the HFCVD reactor being currently utilized in the LAS/INPE. Simulations have shown that circumcenter based approach is a viable alternative for the transport equation diffusive terms modeling and for the pressure-velocity coupling the PRIME method was the best suited. The use of the new visualization library was a determinative factor in the solution of problems that had appeared during the implementation of the tested numerical methods.


navier finite volume method flow laminar stokes equation computational fluid dynamics unstructured grids

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