Numerical Methods for Conservation Laws / "Métodos numéricos para leis de conservação"




The aim of this work is the study of robust numerical techniques for approximating the solution of scalar and systems of hyperbolic conservation laws. To achieve this, we studied conservative schemes with special properties, such as, schemes upwind, TVD, Godunov, flux limiters and slope limiters. The solution of a system of conservation laws can present discontinuities, like shocks, rarefaction or contact. Therefore, the development of numerical techniques capable of reproducing such featurs are highly desirable. Furthermore, besides resolving singularities, it is required that the numerical method chooses the correct weak solution, that is, the entropic solution. Godunov, flux limiters and slope limiters are techniques that show the appropriate behaviour when applied to conservation laws.


equações diferenciais parciais lei de conservação numerical methods conservation laws métodos numéricos partial differential equations

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