Secagem, armazenagem e reidratação de cogumelo shiitake : parâmetros dos processos e efeitos sobre a qualidade / Mushroom (Shiitake), drying, storage and re-hydration : effect on quality parameter process




Mushroom (Shiitake), drying, storage and re-hydration: effect on quality parameter process determinations. To orient drying, storage and re-hydration processes, accumulated subsidies by studying some parameters on mushroom Shiitake. During three months, drying, storage and re-hydration processes, were studied on mushroom in 2002 at Drying/Post-harvesting Technology Lab from Agricultural Engineering School of the Campinas State University. In drying process were studied: drying temperature (50º and 70 ºC), final moisture content (5% and 15%), cutting geometry (mushroom whole and sliced); in re-hydration process besides drying temperature and cutting geometry, were assessed also, water immersion (8 times), initial moisture content (5%% and 15%) and storage time (3 months); in packing up process; (with/without polypropylene bag), storage time (3 months) and initial moisture content were evaluated. Color, texture, mass, moisture content, and re-hydration capacity, were also evaluated. Drying kinetics showed that drying occurred at increased rate in the period and sliced mushroom dried at 70º C, occurred in lesser time than other treatments. Drying temperature at 70 ºC had less darkening and the results on mushroom texture drying effects were not conclusive. Drying time affected mushroom quality, occurring great hardness, gummosis and darkening. However, packing up use, delayed the darkening. Stored sliced and wrapped mushrooms with 15% initial moisture content had less, chew property variation, moisture content and mass during storage. Storage time provoked rehydration capacity decrease on mushrooms with 5% of initial moisture. Sliced and wrapped mushrooms, with 5% initial moisture, had re-hydration values greater than other treatments


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