Ractopamina para suínos : efeitos no desempenho, qualidade de carcaça e carne, parâmetros sanguíneos e comportamento




An experiment was conducted where was evaluated the different levels of a beta adrenergic agonist (ractopamine) in feed for finishing pigs during 21 days before the slaughter. Were used 36 pigs (Landrace X Large White), 18 barrows and 18 females with initial weight of 87 kg, continuing two animals of same gender per pen totaling 18 pens, where received water and ration ad libitum. The experimental treatments were: T1 – control (ration without ractopamine; T2 – ration with 10 ppm of ractopamine; T3 – ration with 20 ppm of ractopamine. The costs of each treatment were evaluated to observe the viability of them. The animals were slaughtered weighting an average of 110 kg. Weekly, were evaluated the performance and the animal behavior. At the sacrificy were collected the blood samples to evaluate the seric urea and lactate and the gasometric parameters. After the slaughter the Carcass Characteristics were measured. The samples of L. dorsi muscle were obtained been submitted an evaluation of meat quality, fatty acid pattern and muscle fiber diameter. The experimental design was blocked randomically, presenting a factorial model 3X2 (3 ractopamine levels and 2 genders), been the pen considerated a repetition for performance parameter (6 repetition for treatment) and each animal represented a repetition for the other characteristics (12 repetition for treatment). Were observed a quadract effect for the daily feed consumption and carcass rendiment, linear effect for the daily weight gain, feed conversion rate, values of a*, chroma (c*), hue (h*), marbling, fiber diameter and seric concentration of urea and lactate. The cost analysis showed a better relation to treatment with 10 ppm. The ractopamine can be used, as an additive to surme´s feed at 20 ppm with increasing improvements in performance of animals without causing changes in the meat quality and the behavior of pigs.


leitão (suíno) - carne - qualidade carne - carcaça pig meat quality meatcutting

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