Prontuario odontologico : aspectos eticos e legais




The handbook dentistry is a document of great importance inside of the Dentistry and, when elaborated can become a great ally of the Dentist, serving as proof in any time. The handbook has still function of human identification in individuals where the most common ways of identification they cannot be used. However, the time of guard of the handbook dentistry is a subject that still doesn t have a definition standardized and even our legislation it is shown confused on referred subject. The present research looked for to determine the degree of knowledge of the Dentist of the city of Assis-SP of the handbook dentistry, time of guard and to analyze the effective laws on him referred subject and the ethical and legal pertinent aspects. For present research it was distributed questionnaires with structured subjects and open on the handbook dentistry for all (121, hundred and twenty-one) the Dentist registered at the municipal City hall of the Municipal District of Assis-SP. After analysis of the data it can be ended that the handbook dentistry of the participant professionals they are composed in majority of RXs, anamnesis records, models and treatment plan, among other component documents and 40% of the Surgeon-dentists uses the system of leaves elaborated for them and printed by graph for the collection of given anamnetics, being 88% filled out by the own professionals and 59% filing the handbook in closet of steel. It is also observed that the Dentist of the city of Assis-SP presented deficient knowledge with respect to the time of guard of the handbook dentistry, since 47% believe that guard s time is of 20 years, it not dates found in the current law. It was also verified that no there is in the consulted legislation a time of guard defined of the handbook applicable dentistry the all of the cases, because it treats with theme which still no pacified. It is ended that among the times of guard mentioned in the whole literature that more the reality of the is adapted Dentistry is it proposed by the Code of Defense of the Consumer, five years to count of the date of the knowledge of the existence of the damage, or be, indefinitely


legislação legislation odontologia legal etica forensic dentistry ethics

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