Programas motivacionais nas organizações: um estudo de caso no setor de alimentos




This work investigated the contribution the main of the Analysis of Behavior applied in the development of the motivation to employees in the organizations. In this one also searched to write the principles of the Analysis of Behavior and the concepts of "establishing operation", the reinforcing - positive, negative, extinguishing and punishment. Moreover, the study it describes the theories of the human motivation in the organizations and bring up the motivational programs, when applied. It is considered that the motivation mobilizes the individual for the accomplishment of its activities and that practically almost all the conscientious behaviors are motivated or possesses a cause. If a person has an internal necessity of professional accomplishment in one determined area, will be generated a tension that can be revealed by means of an intense desire, an anguish that will bring an unbalanced and discomfort while it will not be carried through. The relation the Analysis of Behavior and the motivational methods in the organizations had been boarded breaking itself of the idea of that exactly complex the behavior can be observed, analyzed, controlled and investigated as any phenomenon. This study its bibliographical, that the analysis of specific literature the areas of Psychology and Administration. On go the text, it will be deepened analyze of the question


administracao análise do comportamento motivacao no trabalho motivational and motivational programs motivação e programas motivacionais analysis of behavior psicologia industrial administracao de pessoal avaliacao de comportamento

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