Os cursos técnicos nos CEFET e o ensino de física : uma proposta para a promoção da alfabetização científica




This research work was created from a critical evaluation of my personnel practice as a physics teacher in the technique courses of secondary school, offered in Federal Center of Technological Education of Bahia. Using the pedagogical and epistemological proposal of Scientific and Technological Literacy (STL) formed by Gerard Fourez (1937) as theoretical basis, the focus on Science, Technology and Society (STS), Conceitos Unificadores e Temas Geradores, the research analyses the Physics programs in secondary schools technical courses of Federal Centers of Technological Education and the documents that guide its programms: the Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais (PCN), the Diretrizes Curriculares Nacionais da Educacão Nacional dos Cursos Técnicos (DCTs) and its courses plans, observing the perspective of scientific literacy of their students. After a detailed study of these documents, as contribution, is presented a proposal to the course of Eletrotécnica, in the integrated modality, to the Federal Center of Technological Education of Bahia, in which the Physics subject, uses the unified concept of Energy to the development of matters related to the formal program.


educação científica e tecnológica educacao física - estudo e ensino educação tecnológica

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