O ensino de geologia nos cursos tecnicos de mineração no Brasil : uma visão a partir de Araxa, MG




The overwhelming majority of raw materials that permits the maintenance of life, as well as our comfort and the progress of civilization comes from mining. It is Geology that permits understanding of the environmental crisis in which we live today and also holds a great part of the answers. In contrast, geoscientific concepts are practically absent in the process of qualifying science teachers and also in the basic level studies in Brazil. In this area it is also contradictory that in the Technical Courses in Mining (TCM), specially for Geology, teaching of they have received little attention from the Brazilian education experts. This reflects the lack of importance that society gives to the mining area, particularly to Geology. This thesis was based on two presuppositions: (a) the knowledge of geology helps the understanding of the human being as part of nature and (b) a TCM has the responsibility of preparing people who will work with non-renewable natural resources and on which our civilization depends completely. Based on these presuppositions we try to answer two questions: (1) What geo-scientific knowledge is essential for a mining technician to perform properly; (2) How to make him/her qualified and skilled while taking into consideration the reality of the current courses. Searching for this quest a TCM map was developed based on teachers and their students views as well as on the technicians employers views. This map yields details concerning the CTM in Araxá, which gave rise to this thesis. The mapping focus especially on the geological content required by teachers and employers. In general, the research result shows that an ideal TM is a professional who possesses the basic knowledge on the physical and chemical characteristics of the Earth as well as on the Earth s dynamics. An ideal TM also withholds knowledge on varied geological tools, he/she is someone who is able to search for new knowledge, who is proficient in the Portuguese language, who is capable of developing good team work and who is critical. The analysis of the information under the scope of Education experts - specially of the Geoscience Education, led to the development of a teaching proposal. Achieving such qualification at schools implies significant changes that involve the syllabus, the method and the activities used in class and also the teachers attitude towards knowledge. The experiment developed at the CTM in Araxá shows several difficulties for pursuing these objectives, but the conclusion is quite optimistic


ciencias - estudo e ensino geociencias - estudo e ensino geociencias - metodos de ensino ensino profissional

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