O ensino da leitura em inglês como língua estrangeira: uma experiência em inglês para fins acadêmicos




The main purpose of the dissertation is to propose a reading course in English as a Foreign Language which correspond to the needs and expectations of post-graduate students in Brazil. In order to achieve this purpose, the work initially deals with some aspects of the psycholinguistic process of reading (Chapter I), and with the teaching of reading in English for Academic Purposes (Chapter II). The theoretical approach outlined in the first two chapters serves as a basis for the formulation of the hypothesis that the systematic work in the development of strategies for the teaching of reading will lead to the comprehension of authentic texts in the foreign language and, in fact, facilitate the acquisition of that language. The aim of such work is to allow students to understand texts within their areas of specialization even though their knowledge of vocabulary and syntax mar be limited. The pressuposition is that their reading ability and their familiarity with the topics about which they will read willact as facilitators of the learning process. Chapter III of the dissertation is dedicated to the presentation af a course which is aimed at the teaching of reading within this perspective, applied to post-graduate students of Psychology and Education at the Catholic University of São Paulo. The chapter is structured into two main parts: the description of the course itself, and the presentation of samples of the most representative exercise-types


linguistica aplicada linguistica aplicada ao ensino de linguas

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