Autenticidade em livros didáticos para o ensino de inglês como língua estrangeira: um estudo diacrônico sob a perspectiva da Linguística de Corpus




The main aim of this researcher was to verify whether, in modern English teaching books, authentic bundles were used or not, and whether, in books of the last decades, in a diachronic perspective, if it was done or not. The main theoretical underpinning for the research is provided by Corpus Linguistic, which is the area that is concerned with the collection and analysis of criteriously selected corpora, which could be read by computers with the aim of linguistic research. The researcher was also based on the theoretical underpinning of the Teaching Approaches known as: (1) audiolingual; (2) communicative; and (3) corpus Informed to investigate the use of authentic language in the development of the English books. The research questions investigated in this study were: (1) to the analysis of convergent and divergent lexical bundles in this study corpus, (2) to discover which is the frequency of those lexical bundles; (3) to the analysis the convergent and divergent bundles in each text of the English books; and (4) and to verify which are the books composed by a degree of superior linguistic authenticity in relation to the others investigated. The corpora selected for the research are as follows: (a) the study of corpus, formed by five English books designed for a foreign language, for the intermediate level, composed of 25.485 words; (b) the reference corpora: British National Corpus (BNC), composed of 100 million words, and the Google Corpus, composed of 1 trillion words. The researcher analyzed, the degree of authenticity in the constancy of the language used in the English books analyzed -some that were, and others that are still in use in English teaching bringing a contribution to the Corpus Linguistics field


corpus (linguistica) lingua inglesa -- estudo e ensino -- compendios para estrangeiros english language linguistica aplicada lingüística de corpus corpus linguistic

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