Las metáforas sobre el profesor y el aprendizaje de estudiantes de Maestría de Brasil y España


Ciênc. educ. (Bauru)




Abstract: This study analyze the personal metaphors on the teaching and the learning of students, of a sample of 23 teachers on the Master's degree in Research on the teaching and learning of experimental, social and mathematical sciences at University of Extremadura (Spain) and 19 teachers from the Master's degree in Education, History and Philosophy on the experimental and mathematical science course at the Federal University of ABC (Brazil). The data collection procedure was an open questionnaire carried out during the academic year 2014/2015. For the analysis, metaphors were framed in the four categories: behaviorist, constructivist-cognitive, situational and self-referential. The results show that there is enough consistency between the metaphors about the teacher and the learning student. Both for the group in Brazil and Spain the largest number of metaphors belong to the category cognitive/constructivist. Most of the emotions associated with the metaphors are positive.

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